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Monday, January 6, 2014
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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Message from the Administrator
Sorry to hold up the newsletter, being the
Deputy Supreme Governor for Moose International it was that time of year for
The Supreme Governor to visit Florida and I Was traveling with him the beginning of this month.
Wow, here we go, everyone has been so excited about the new lodge. A lot of people put a lot of work in this project and we need to all pull together and support the program and events. This is fun, but it’s also real and we all need to keep it going. You must show your card when you go to the bar, please help all new members fill out their NEW applications, together we’ll have FUN!!!!
It’s election time, if you are interested in running for office please fill out your nomination papers at the lodge. Nominations will close at 5:00 on Monday March 20th
. Elections will be held on April 3rd from 11:00 -5:00. You must be a member of lodge 1990 in good standing to vote and will be required to show your card when voting.
Lets enjoy our new home and get plugged in and work together
Your Administrator
D.S.G. –Jim Kelly
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